ptujski grad1The hill where Ptuj Castle stands was settled in prehistoric and Roman times and due to its strategic position also attracted medieval feudal lords. Here they built a castle in the 9th or 10th century, from which a tower survives today in the western forecourt. In the first half of the 12th century, since this castle had succumbed to the winds of time, Archbishop Konrad of Salzburg, then Ptuj's feudal lord, ordered the construction of a new castle, whose imposing residence, today's Leslijev wing, remains today.

img 4636Ptuj Regional Museum is a public institution that takes care of the cultural heritage in the Lower Drava region. It consists of the archaeological, ethnological, cultural, educational, restoration and history units, a library, and an additional unit in Ormož.

Each of the units takes care of the objects from its particular field of expertise, and also accepts visitors.

dominikanski-samostanThe first monks to settle in the area of Ptuj and the present day Slovenia were the Dominicans. In the year 1230 Mehtildis, the widow of Frideric III, granted them land on the west edge of the town, below Grajski knoll. One year later, monks from Breže na Koroškem settled in the partly constructed monastery. The monastery is distinguished by its cross-shaped hall which was first comprised of the south and more noteworthy east wing.

cerkev peter pavelIn the past the Church of St. Peter and Paul was considered one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in Slovenia. However, in January 1945 it was almost completely destroyed by allied bombs. Only part of the presbytery remained of the original church.

miheliceva-gStari stolp ob Dravi, največji od šestih stolpov v renesančnem obrambnem sistemu Ptuja, so zgradili leta 1551. Prvotno ni imel strehe, saj je bila na vrhu stolpa topovska ploščad. Ko je odslužil svojemu prvotnemu namenu, so ga spremenili najprej v stanovanja, leta 1938 pa v muzejsko razstavišče. Sprva je bila v stolpu urejena vinarska zbirka, od leta 1967 je to prostor za občasne likovne razstave.

mitrej2Prostor, na katerem stoji Hajdina, je bil že od nekdaj naseljen. Ob prazgodovinski naselbini so tu odkrili še prazgodovinsko grobišče. Skozi Hajdino je potekala glavna trgovska pot od Baltika proti Jadranskemu morju, Jantarska cesta. Z različnimi ljudmi so se v mestu pojavljali tudi različni običaji in verovanja. V Petovioni so vojaške posadke, legije, cariniki in trgovci častili nov kult - mitraizem, katerega pet svetišč je bilo najdenih.

Grad BorlBorl Castle stands on a steep rocky ledge above an ancient pass over the Drava River. It was first mentioned 1199. Myths even connect it with the search of the Holy Grail and Parsifal. Among its numerous owners were the Ptuj feudal lords, and after them the Herbersteins, Turns, Sauers and others. During World War II the castle was an internment camp, and after the war it was converted into a hotel. Later it was emptied and abandoned.

Recently the state has taken over the care of it and has restored it architecturally.

ptujske topliceAt the Ptuj Thermal Spa, they know how to please every generation, from May to September with the outdoor Thermal World and all year round with six indoor swimming pools.

Along with 4,200 square meters of water surfaces, you also have Turkish, Finnish, and aroma saunas, underwater massage, a fitness studio, and numerous sport facilities.

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